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I'm JC and I'll be handling your manual shift lessons. Use this form only if you're registered for the Auto/Manual Course with CIRCUIT, and you've done at least one or two lessons with your automatic instructor. Also be sure your course is PAID IN FULL. Aside from working with Circuit, I also operate ProShift - if you wish to have more information on me or on ProShift, check out my website

The auto/manual course normally includes 8 hours on automatic and 4 hours on manual. In most cases, it's best that you start your manual lessons after you've done two or three lessons on the automatic. You can continue your automatic lessons while you take your manual shift lessons if you wish; but you must complete all your manual lessons before your last automatic lesson!

Note: It's preferable that you don't start to drive manual before your lessons with me

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Please Note: Manual lessons are provided in English only

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